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ADUC7024 & IAR & J-Link

Question asked by Dusan on Mar 10, 2011
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I am having problems downloading the compiled code into flash memory of ADUC7024, my design. Can somebody give me a hint about my wrong-doing?


I use IAR KickStart development kit, version 4.42, which came in a bundle with the development kit STR750-SK. The kit included J-Link programmer.

- I can write the program using IAR, compile it, download it into ADUC's RAM using J-Link, run it and debug it. Works fine.

- I can write the program using IAR, compile it into .hex file using Intel-extended format, download it into ADUC's Flash using ARMWSD and RS232, and run it. No debugging available, otherwise works fine!

- I tried downloading the compiled program into ADUC's Flash using the J-Link. The programming does not work, I get the error message from the verification part of the programming stating the difference between the content of the Flash and the programmed value.  The content of the flash does not change during the programming.


I am using the unmodified *.xcl files that came with the IAR Kickstart "ADI702x_FLASH_Standalone.xcl" and "ADI702x_RAM.xcl", and downloading without the "Use flash loader(s)" option ticked at Options/Debugger/Download.


Can somebody give me an advice to program a flash using a J-Link (the debugging of the program is essential)? Thank you!




Additionally, I am having problems simulating the code in IAR, the interrupts in particular.


The interrupt vectors get written into either RAM (0x10000 and onwards) or Flash (0x80000 and onwards) for simulation depending on the *.xcl file used. However, the simulator pretends to execute the software directly from RAM or Flash (the stated content of PC), but looks for interrupt vectors at address 0x00000 and onwards, where either RAM or Flash should be mirrored in real device (but apperantly they are not in simulator).


How to make simulator pick-up the interrupt vectors from correct place or to make the simulator mirror the code? Again, thanks for the hint! And by the way, the same code that crashes in the simulator due to uncorrectly retrieved IRQ vector works fine in hardware!


Many thanks for having the patience with reading and best regards.