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How to configure register on adau1702 ?

Question asked by david.liu on Mar 9, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2011 by BrettG

        We use the adau1702 to get audio effect. adau1702 is at analog input and analog output,

   Total system has three audio channels, Right channel is at DAC0, Left channel is at DAC1,

   subwoofer_channel is at DAC2. At powe up, the MCU load down the dsp code and parameter list,

   then set  dsp core control register(0x081c) at 0x001c. dac set register(0x0827) is at 0x0001.

   we can only get R_channel at DAC0, and  L_channel is at DAC1, but DAC2 has not audio to output.

   I don't know. what is wrong?