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Enabling AD9361 FIR filter causes RX data to eventually stop

Question asked by njp on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by njp

I'm trying to use a FIR filter on a Zynq project, but am having some issues. I currently set the filter on Linux boot.  My application does the following on start:

  1. unbind CF_AXI_ADC
  2. unbind DMA-AXI-DMAC
  3. flash a bitstream to /dev/xdevcfg
  4. bind DMA-AXI-DMAC
  5. bind CF_AXI_ADC
  6. do useful work


The problem I'm seeing is that after running the application a few times, data stop coming in over the DMA. This doesn't happen when there isn't a filter.


I've modified the ad9361-iiostream.c application to demonstrate my problem. See the main where I do the process above (as well as load the filter in the application). If I run it a few times (Ctrl-Cing to quit) data eventually stops coming in. I did change the sample rate and bandwidth filter as well to higher values.