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Vivado-Error Loading Fmcomms1 Project using TCL files

Question asked by tjdub21 on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by rejeesh

I am using the kc705 evaluation board and I am attempting to follow the ADI reference design for the Fmcomms1 Project found here:


I am unable to create the project because I am getting the following errors:


ERROR: [BD 5-216] VLNV <> is not supported for this version of the tools.

ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'create_bd_cell' failed due to earlier errors.


    while executing

"create_bd_cell -type ip -vlnv axi_hdmi_clkgen"

    invoked from within

"set axi_hdmi_clkgen [create_bd_cell -type ip -vlnv axi_hdmi_clkgen]"

    (file "../../../projects/common/kc705/kc705_system_bd.tcl" line 144)


    while executing

"source $ad_hdl_dir/projects/common/kc705/kc705_system_bd.tcl"

    (file "system_bd.tcl" line 2)


    while executing

"source system_bd.tcl"

    (procedure "adi_project_create" line 107)

    invoked from within

"adi_project_create fmcomms1_kc705"

    (file "./system_project.tcl" line 7)


I am assuming that I need to build the libraries as described in the ADI reference guide. In the reference guide it says: "We need to build the libraries first. So open the GUI and at the TCL console change the directory to where the libraries are. You must build all the libraries (each folder insider the library directory)."


How exactly is this done? Thanks for the help