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J-link to PC comms issue

Question asked by LewisG on May 15, 2015
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I have recently started a new project using the ADuCM360 microcontroller.

I bought a UG-457 development kit and built a prototype device with it.

Both the J-link and dev kit were working originally, however i needed to power the device externally (not over USB) as i needed more power.


I removed LK6 on the J-LINK to disconnect the 5V USB supply from my board. When this was powered on the UG-457 was still fine (running the flashing LED example firmware) but the J-LINK would not connect to the PC and flashed the red LED1 fast.


My questions are have i damaged the J-Link?

Can i 'factory reset' the J-Link to get comms back with the PC?

What can i do to avoid this happing again.


I will really appricate your help on this.



Lewis Gorford