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ADV7842 Auto Graphics Mode, STDI not updating

Question asked by Dre on Mar 8, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2011 by raymondcarter

I have programed the ADV7842 to be in auto graphic mode and using the STDI and SSPD interrupts for detecting new resolutions. It is working great when switching between two different resolutions that don't have similar vertical and horizontal timing.

The problem is when the input resolution is changed from 1365x1024 60Hz 65.2 Khz to 1400x1050 60Hz 65.3Khz the STDI registers don't get updated and there is no interrupt from STDI or SSPD.  But, if its changed from 1400x1050 to 1365x1024 I do get an STDI interrupt and status registers are updated.


This problem only occurs when I am using SOG or CS, when using external H V  I don't see this issue. Is there anything different I need to do when using only embedded syncs.



Another question, is there a way to detect if there is no analog video input (component, cvbs or yc) connected. Trying to put the IC in power save mode when there is no input connected to it.


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