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AD9958 Channel Modes Compatibility

Question asked by Vladib on Mar 8, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2011 by Vladib

Hi all,

I am developing a two-channel signal generator, one of which is a
signal with linear frequency modulation and the other - single-frequency signal,
amplitude  modulated by a triangular pulse. (Please see attached file).
Repetition period for the two above signals is the same.

I am trying to implement a first signal in CH0  of ad9958
and second signal in CH1 simultaneously.

Modes of operations:
CH0 - linear frequency sweep, no dwell mode enabled, controlled by P2 profile pin.
CH1 - linear amplitude sweep, no dwell mode disabled, controlled by P3 profile pin.

Channel '0" is working properly. At the same time waveform of channel "1"
do not correspond to the programmed modes - amplitude of carrier envelope very small,
instead of one pulse per period, I get a packet of pulses and  mode of envelope
is as CH0.

Maybe that used modes are not compatible ?

I tried to explain it using "CHANNEL CONSTRAINT GUIDELINES" of the Data Sheet,
but found no clear evidence.

Thank you all for your ideas