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Differential operation

Question asked by TheIslander on Mar 7, 2011
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I am using the ADAU 1701 in a generic board design embedded in several active speaker applications/models. Basically it is the self-boot configuration and it runs very well.


Its time to make a board revision and one of the speaker applications is single channel (one speaker driver). Board is used in fully balanced analog in and out. So, in many applications I have one surplus ADC and three DAC awaiting further notice... Therefore considering to bump up the processing to a balanced/differential mode. Is it correct to expect a 1bit (6db) performance improvement? What are the problems and opportunites when doing this?  Can I simply go along as before in SigmaStudio and mirror the DSP design to the other channel? Should it be operated as two identical chanels (analog signal inversion) or with one signalinverted in DSP domain?


On another issue, for me being an analog engineer, I am only concerned about signal levels referred to 0dBFS. That is, I want to know when the ADC is driven to max so that full headroom is nominally used. Why is talk about levels mostly in RMS values?


If using digital input over I2S, will full 24 bit processing and transparency to digital o/p be realized?