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ADAS3022 Using USB Blaster

Question asked by Marcel on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by Marcel

I am using EVAL-ADAS3022EDZ working with converter evaluation and development CED1Z and using USB Blaster. I connect the USB Blaster from PC to JTAG input in CED1Z where I can control the FPGA and program the image (ced1z.sof) using NIOS II (ADIEvalBoard.elf).

I also control the FPGA located in EVAL-ADAS3022 where I programmed with .pof file in order to capture a data adquisition. (Just like is explained in this link:…)

The point is that, I belive that due to the programming of FPGA, Analog Devices Software for Adas3022 Evaluation does not detect my boards.

The result that I obtain when I connect it is the first window of the software (Attached Picture) where I should click on Run, but later, the Run process is interrupted in 3 seconds and coming back to the first window.

I can also see, in CED1Z boards, the red I/O (D14) and D15 leds permanently on. Also, green FPGA-OK led on (blinking) and CR1 green led (in ADAS3022) permanently on.


I guess this is some trouble about FPGA program. Could you give some tips to solve it?


Thanks in advance.