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My program works on the board but not on the simulation mode, why??? (Sharc 21369)

Question asked by JSLA on Mar 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2011 by Csound

Hi All,


I've started a brand new audio digital processing chain on the Sharc 21369.

For now, it's only initialization of the board, samples acquisition, gain application on those samples and their transmission.

I'm using SPORT1 for TX, SPORT2 for RX and a DMA chained in both cases (size: 12 samples). I'm using the SPDIF for both audio input and output.


When I run this program on the board, everything works well : the audio output is without any damage and I can play with the gain like I expect.


But when I use the simulation mode, in order to record the output through "Setting -> Streams", the audio output is strongly damaged.

Looking deep down into the details, it appears that the DMA registers are modified during my processing, like I'm taking too much time, but it is only 12 multiplications!


Does somebody have an idea why it works differently in simulation mode?

Is that possible that the speeds (sampling frequency, frame synchronisation, clocks...) are different in simulation mode?


Thank you for your help!

My best,