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SYSREF signal of AD9625 on the EVA board.

Question asked by AkiraO on May 14, 2015
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My customer has designed am ADC system referring the schematics of AD9625 EVB. And I have received some questions from the customer. Accorind to the schematics of AD9625 EVB, SYSREF of AD9625 is connected to SYNC_OUT of AD9525. Is the SYSREF signal supplied by AD9525 in the EVB?


If yes, can AD9525 supply SYNC_OUT without REF signal? I can't see any inout signal to REFA, REFB and REFC of AD9525. If we can get SYNC_OUT signal without REF input, could you please tell me how to get it?


I have refered the attached schematics.


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