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BF548: NAND Boot - Block Skipping

Question asked by gpetrowitsch on Mar 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by Prashant

Hi all,


we are using NAND-Boot mode on a BF548M system. After having

loaded and executed the initcode, we continue booting by calling

   bfrom_NandBoot((s32)pBS->pSource, 0,0, NULL);

Before we do this we activate the block skipping mode with these lines:

   ADI_BOOT_NAND *pND = (ADI_BOOT_NAND *)pBS->dUserLong;
   pND->EccParity.uwBlockSkipFeature = 1;
   pND->EccParity.uwBlockModifier = 1;

Our initcode is less than 10kB small. The whole project that must

be loaded however is about 2MB big, thus spanning 15 NAND blocks.

If all blocks are good, everything works fine.


If however one NAND block is bad the boot process stops as soon as

it is touched. We debugged so far that we see, that it reads the ECC data

of the bad block (first page) and then it reads the first 256 bytes of the data

area into the Prefetch buffer. We could identify these bytes (which are all

FF, because it's a bad block) in the scratchpad memory.


We are now wondering, why it reads these 256 bytes from the bad block at

all. Shouldn't it rather - after having read the ECC data - recognize, that the

block is bad, skip it and read the ECC data of the next block and continue

with that one ?


Perhaps there's something else to do to really activate the block skipping mode ?

We left the OTP data as we got it from the factory (in case that matters).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.