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Low power (2v 1mA ) balanced / MC / dynamic mic pre-amp

Question asked by TimUK on Mar 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2011 by ColemanR

We must put together a single channel low-voltage balanced mic  compatible preamplifier in order to interface a dynamic/balanced/moving coil mic  to a host circuit that has been designed to connect to 2-wire 'phantom' powered  electret capsule (ECM)


My circuit must operate on the small power that  the host would otherwise provide to the ECM. This is circa 1.5 - 2.1v via 1k8 so  my dynamic mic pre-amp will need to be quite low power.

I am considering modified configurations of ECM fet amplifier configurations but would like, if possible, to respect the microphone balanced line, though this is not essential?
Spacial constraints are making the use of an audio transformer problematic, though not impossible should there be a compelling reason to go this route.
Any suggestions?