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I2C multi-master with USBi and microcontroller

Question asked by wygonski on May 14, 2015
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We are debugging ADAU1701 algorithms on our custom target hardware using SigmaStudio and USBi.   Our target hardware also has a microcontroller as I2C master connected to ADAU1701.  The microcontroller implements DSP Readback functions from the DSP as part of a control loop, and we would like to tune the DSP parameters in real-time with SigmaStudio with the microcontroller in the loop.


Can the USBi as an I2C master interact with the DSP along with the microcontorller?


I know that I2C protocol supports multi-master--I am asking whether the USBi implements this.  I looked at AN-1006, "Using the EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ app note but it was silent on this topic as far as I could tell.