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AD7175-2 Differential Nonlinearity

Question asked by splin on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by adamg

The datasheet has nothing to say wrt DNL, not even guaranteeing it is monotonic - though I would be very surprised if it wasn't.


Are there any numbers, or better still charts available?


Cirrus Logic seem to be one of the only manufacturers that specify DNL, in their delta-sigma ADCs datasheets (for industrial ADCs) - e.g. the SC5560 specifies +/- 0.1 LSB24. Do ADI not include this spec because it is considered negligible?


Is the DNL even across the full range of codes or does it spike at certain codes, perhaps due to DNL errors in the DACs used in higher order delta-sigma ADCs (the AD7175-2 datasheet doesn't give any clues, that I can find, as to the internal architecture)?


Thanks, Tony H