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why can system not receive usb packet after a long time of reading SD data in BF609

Question asked by seaemperor on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by seaemperor
  • problem:
    • System can't receive usb packet for a long time of reading SD data.
  • Description
    • Development environment
      • Firmware:CCES 1.1.0.
      • DSP:BF609.
      • Hardware:ADSP-BF609 EZ-BOARD 1.0.
      • USB to SD IC:(Use three devices)
        1. VID 14CD  PID 6700 (problems occur most often)
        2. VID 058F   PID 6366 (AU6431)
        3. VID 0BDA  PID 0119
    • Purpose
      • System read SD data  for a long time. The system read the LBA is not continuous and size is different each time.
    • Analysis
      • Use  adi_musbmhdrc_SubmitURB() to transmit and receive data.
      • adi_musbmhdrc_GetURBState() is always ADI_USB_URB_STATE_SUBMITTED after a long time of reading SD data.
      • Use usb explorer to check data. Device transmit CSW packet but system can't receive the data. System receive payload data.
      • Check usb REG. DMA Cnt is 13, DMA En is 1 and RXPKTRDY of EPn_RXCSR_H is 0.