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About skipping digital tuning

Question asked by jinojs on May 14, 2015
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We are using FMCOMMS4 boards with KC705 and have modified the reference design to send data from BRAM instead of DDS.

We verified digital loopback earlier and now working on having RF path verified.

We are seeing "Tuning Tx Failed" and "Tuning Rx Failed" from ad9361_dig_tune().

I have gone through different threads discussing about this Digital tune. Recent changes from GitHub is also taken in which we can skip the tuning (dig_interface_tune_skipmode).

I would like to check with you how safe it is to skip this tuning completely (value set to 2).

Will it affect the device calibration or data integrity? If we test the RF Tx and Rx paths, will that be non reliable if there is some issue with this tuning?


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