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ADP5090 Eva Board

Question asked by margetrie on May 14, 2015
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I have several questions to confirm on the ADP5090 evaluation board:-

1. The max output voltage is up to 3.5V as mentioned in the user guide. Can this be adjusted up to 5V since the IC itself is capable up to voltage output of 5.2V?  Below is the line extracted from the ADP5090 data sheet.

"  Programmable voltage monitor (2.2 V to 5.2 V) to support charging and prevent overcharging or overdischarging"


2.  Can we charge the storage element and discharge it to the load  simultaneously? Or, we have to wait until the storage element is full, then we can discharge to the load?


3. Instead of using source from source meter, I would like to connect this board to my RF-to-DC block whereby the DC output from this block will be the voltage source to this block. I believe this is alright?


4. The PGOOD, SETSD are programmable as mentioned in the data sheet. Is this can be achieved in the eva board as well?