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Use ADCMP602 to detecte Peak arrival time of lightning

Question asked by sunchris on May 14, 2015
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I want to design a module to detecte Thunderstruck voltage.

I use a amplifier(TL084) formed a voltage follower, when the thunder came, the out put of the voltage follower has a little delay than the input voltage. During the periods of rising edge output voltage will a little lower than input. During the periods of falling edge output voltage will a little higher than input.


I plan connect the input and output of TL084 to ADCMP602 VP(2) and VN (3) , as bellow figure.IN+ is signal input.

But I find the output of ADCMP602 Q (pin 7) is unstable, when VP and VN voltage is very close. As follow figure.


I want know the reason of caused plush spike, and dose it suite for this application?


I also use opa615 to pick up the Peak voltage, do you have some advice part to replace it?


thank you.






消息编辑者为:Chris Sun


消息编辑者为:Chris Sun