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Problems with the HMC1032

Question asked by bene on May 13, 2015
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I'm having troubles to properly configure the HMC1032 for my purposes. Does anybody else uses this device?


I need a differential clock signal from 140MHz - 210MHz and I thought this device is perfect for me. I have a board similar to the evaluation board but I cannot properly set the device up.


My problems in short:

I communicate with a microcontroller. This communication works fine, I can read back the ID and most of the registers properly.

The first question: what is the VCO quiescent frequency? I need it to properly set the N-divider. I didn't find anything in the datasheets. From my trail and error method I think its around 4.2GHz. Is that right?

I have a reference at 10MHz in I could set the reference divider properly. I investigatet it by setting the R-div output to the GPO pin and it looked as expected. I did the same with the VCO divider output, this is how I came to the assumtion of 4.2GHz frequency (5MHz output at N=840)

however. the PLL apparently does not lock. I tried to read out Reg10h (VCO Tune Register) but here I think the values are not ok. I also tried to disable the autocalibration feature and set some values for the capbank but this did not change anything. In my desperation I also unconnected the loop filter and just set known dc-voltage to the vtune but the oscillation frequency (N-div-output at GPO) did not change.


Can anybody help me. If you need further informations, just ask.


thanks in advance!!!