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UART Autoband BF527

Question asked by Sean2011 on Mar 2, 2011
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I'm working with a Bluetechnix CM-BF527 module. I’m trying to use the AutoBand example for the BF527 EZ-kit from the VisualDSP Examples. I added the Bluetechnix init_code.dxe under Load->Option in Project Options. I also enabled LDF and startup code. I removed the pusbutton code.The program appears to run correctly (no errors) but the baud rate is not set correctly (I check using an oscilloscope) . If I manually set the baud rate in the program by changing oUARTConfigTable I still cannot set the Baud rate correctly.Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Am I forgetting Project Options I must set for the Bluetechnix module?

Any help appreciated.