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Problems with custom BF561 card and emulator

Question asked by Rai on Feb 28, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2011 by Rai

Hi forum.

I'm having some problems with the USB-ICE emulator on a custom BF561 card. The code I'm having problems with works fine when loaded from flash using a bootloader.

The main problems are

1. DMA to/from DAC and ADC on PPI wont work  (no data, no interrupt)

2. General timer interrupt wont work (counter wouldn't count, until I found a workaround here)


DMA on UART works fine, and other interrupts also seem to work. I found that, by setting the EMU_RUN bit in the timer config register, the timer would work. However, as far as I can understand from the documentation, this should not be necessary (EMU_RUN should only be used when you want the timer to continue during emulation halt), and similar code works fine without the EMU_RUN bit set on a BF533 EZ-kit I have available.

Is this a peculiarity of the BF561, or could it be a problem with my card? Might there be a similar workaround to get the ADC/DAC DMA working?


I found that others had a similar issue in this thread:


My system: BF561 rev. 0.3 on custom card, VDSP++ 5.080, USB-ICE emulator


Thanks in advance.