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Aduc7060 internal temperature sensor

Question asked by Croman13n3c on Feb 27, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2011 by MikeL

How to calculate core temperature ?


I set ADC1CON =BIT1+BIT7+ BIT8 + BIT10 ; // (gain =4, chanel = internal temp sensor)


In interrupt read ADC value :


ulADC1Result = ADC0DAT;     // Read ADC0  result
ulADC1Result = ADC1DAT;     // Read ADC1 result

And calculate temp


temp=((float) ulADC1Result * ((Vref/gain)/0xFFFFFF)); //its must be voltage of sensor;Vref=1.2;


temp = (temp-0.096)/0.00028 ;// subtract voltage at 0 C and divide at a temperature coefficient;


But value does not correspond to the expected.(-166.7)

Please tell me where to look for a mistake?