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adau1701 digital output pin

Question asked by mankyu on Feb 25, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2011 by BrettG

i'm a user using adau1701 and the evluation kit.


I tried to use mp6 pin(GPIO) to get the digital output from an analog input in the evaluation kit.


However, in the evaluation kit(EVAL-ADAU1701 MINIZ), I think all the GPIO pins which can be used for digital output are already used for the other purpose except only MP6, but I think MP6 pin in the evaluation kit has no connecter.





My problem is that I want to get a digital output from an analog input by using the evaluation kit.


MP7, MP8, MP9, MP10,MP11 can be the digital output port, but they are used on other purpose in the evaluation kit.

The only left pin MP6 has no connecter outside.'


I need to make a new circuit myself ?