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Audio Loopback on BF526 rev 0.2

Question asked by Krishnamangegowda on Feb 25, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2011 by Krishnamangegowda


I am trying to run the Audio Loopback example and when I run this project it throws following message:


   ADI SSM2603 as Master device in USB Mode
    Audio Loopback example with Line-In as record source
    Set SW2:  1(ON),  2(ON),  3(ON),  4(ON)
    Set SW7:  1(ON),  2(ON),  3(ON),  4(ON)
    Set SW9:  1(OFF), 2(OFF), 3(ON),  4(OFF)
    Set SW10: 1(OFF), 2(OFF), 3(ON),  4(ON)
    Set SW20: 1(ON),  2(ON),  3(OFF), 4(OFF), 5(OFF), 6(OFF)
    Failed to configure SSM2603 register fields, Error Code: 0x40000017
    Program terminated abnormally with error code: 0x40000017


I would like what are the switch setting for this version and jumper setting if any.

Could you please help me run this project?


Waiting for your reply.