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ADSP-21489 Ezlite - SPDIF to DAC by block of 256 samples

Question asked by Nico on Feb 24, 2011
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I use a ADSP-21489 Ezlite board and I'd like to receive SPDIF data (16bits - 44.1KHz)by block of 256 samples, processed this data with 4 differents filters and send filtrered data to DAC 1,2,3 and 4. SPDIF receiver is connected to SPORT0A and DAC1 to SPORT1A, DAC2 to SPORT1B, DAC3 to SPORT2A and DAC4 to SPORT2B.


I tried to declare 2 DMA buffers A and B to received data from SPDIF in ping pong mode and 8 DMA buffers A and B (2 for each DAC) also in ping pong mode but my program doesn't work and i think i had some mistake in my declaration of DMA buffers.

If someone know the correct procedure to do that ? I'm interrested...


I saw example program talkthru samples C block based 192KHZ for Ezlite board which used TDM mode between SHARC and AD1939 with only 2 SPORT to transfer data from ADC to DAC. It is possible to used TDM mode with SPDIF receiver in place of ADC and which is the init procedure for SRU and AD1939 ?



Nicolas MICHEL