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ADV7441a Autographics 1360 X 768 _@60

Question asked by ahoehn on Feb 23, 2011
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I am trying to use autographics mode to get the graphic resolution of 1360 X 768 @ 60.  I used some of the other autographic settings from the development board to get 1280X768, 1400X1050 and 1600X1200.  The scripts list register values 8F and 90 as setting the free run line length.  I am not sure where this number is obtained from and what value to use for other resolutions.  Is it some combination of the total pixels , active area and blanking?  The PLL divider count and Line count max are fairly straight forward.   Otherwise if there is a script available for 1360 X 768 @60 graphic resolution that would be appreciated.