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Tilt angle measurement using accelerometer

Question asked by utpal on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by NevadaMark

Hello friends,


Following are some of the basic questions I am facing while designing a tilt measurement unit.
Answers to these shall be highly appreciated.


Q1: What is the relation between various sensitivity units?

I have come across many units for defining accelerometer sensitivity.






Till now the best unit I can cope up with is mg/LSB as I can see the fixed minimum constant acceleration the chip can distinguish across any of its sensing axis.


Q2: Which Analog chip will be much suitable for following specifications?

  1. Angular measurement range:
    Option 1: +/- 180 deg
    Option 2: +/- 90 deg
  2. No. of axes: 2
  3. Angle measurement accuracy: 0.01 deg
  4. Output type: Digital (preferably)
  5. Operating voltage range: Not finalised yet
  6. Operating temperature range 0 degC to 80 degC


Q3. What is the correlation between accelerometer accuracy & sensitivity?

Suppose certain accelerometer is offering 0.1 mg/LSB sensitivity over +/- 2 g in every axis.

How to improve the measurement angle range for an accuracy of 0.01 deg?