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AD9361 LO leakage

Question asked by ggozdemir on May 12, 2015
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While i was working wtih FMComms-3 kit, i observed that LO leakage is too high. When LO frequency 1197MHz, one-tone CW offset 3MHz, the attenuator is 0dB (max power output), sampling rate 61.44 MSPS, the TX BW >54MHz and <1MHz; it is measured that the LO leakage is about -22 dBc. Besides, there is an unwanted signal at 1188MHz frequency which is about -25 or -30dBc (I am not sure about the power level).


I kindly want to ask, did you experience these much LO leakage levels before and do you have any suggestions about how do i need to configure my AD9361 to lower the LO leakage level and the other unwanted signal level? I can provide screenshot tomorrow if you want.


I am using Linux drivers.


Thank you for your help.
Gokhan G.