My Analog Devices layer for Bitbake (Yocto/Openembedded)

Discussion created by njp on May 12, 2015
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I've recently adopted Yocto (currently at Fido release) to build my Linux kernel and root file systems. For the systems I'm doing, I use Analog Devices Linux kernel (analogdevicesinc/linux · GitHub), and with Yocto I can build the ADI kernel, a root file system, device trees, and a cross-compiler toolchain that also has libiio. It's nice because you only need to execute 1 Bitbake command and you get all these things.


I posted my Bitbake recipes to do this at first commit · njpillitteri/meta-adi@96f3ec9 · GitHub. I'm admittedly currently only interested in the Zynq, so I'm not sure how my work would scale to other SoCs. Subsequently, the recipes depend on meta-xilinx (Xilinx/meta-xilinx at fido · GitHub). You still need to make a *.conf file for your machine (I suggest just looking at Xilinx's Zedboard/ZC702/etc conf file at meta-xilinx and copying as appropriate for your machine's conf file), but that's it. Contact me on Github if you have questions.


The recipes I have on my repo build the current latest 2014_R2 branches of ADI's Linux kernel and libiio, but that could be modified if you want to build a different recipe (and you can use ${AUTOREV} if you just want the latest).


The Yocto build flow also builds the FSBL and U-Boot, but I haven't used the Yocto generated versions myself.