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ADuM5402 3.3V V_dd to 5V V_iso

Question asked by ezzcmb on May 12, 2015
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I have low power application were I need both level translation and isolation. I am using an ADuM5402, the input side supply is 3.3V and the isolated output voltage is set to 5V the maximum current draw on the output side is around 5-10mA.


The datasheet for the ADuM5402 doesn't provide any data for 3.3V->5V operation, I assume this is because above some value of output current the duty cycle  of the ADuM5402's internal power converter will saturate and regulation of 5V will be lost.


In the lab I have an ADuM5402 set-up as mentioned above, and the output voltage seems well regulated with input voltages varying from 3V up-to 3.3V.


With low output currents will the ADuM5402 operate as I intend or do I have a golden sample in the lab?