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How do I output a flag based on a signal level? (Gate on/off flag)

Question asked by BrettG on Feb 18, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by J3627

I recently received this question from a SigmaDSP user:


I’ve been asked to provide some feed back functions related to a compressor. Assume the compressor is configured as a noise gate with the response curve 1:1 down to -40db at which point (the threshold) it drops vertically to make the gain -90. I’d like to have an indicator that says that the gate is suppressing the signal (signal is below threshold) or passing un-attenuated (signal is above threshold).

It does not appear that any of the compressors have an output like the limiter block that sets a flag.

So I have a couple of ideas: envelope peak detector + DSP read back, A>B cell plus a DC source set to the same threshold as the compressor.