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ADF7242 RC_Ready after Power On?

Question asked by MikeH on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by slash2

The ADF7242 data sheet suggests that, before issuing a radio controller command a SPI_NOP should be sent to check the status of the RC_READY bit of the status word ("it is, therefore, necessary to read the status word to determine if the ADF7242 is ready to accept a new radio controller command. This is best accomplished by shifting in SPI_NOP commands, which cause status words to be shifted out."). However, I am finding that the RC_READY bit is not always set after a cold boot power on. It appears that a RESET command is needed to get the RC_READY bit set. However, if I follow the above recommendataion (wait for RC_READY = 1 before issuing a RESET command), RC_READY is never set and I end up in an infininte loop waiting for it. Can someone shed some light on this?