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Is it possible to use Ports 0 & 2 on ADuC842 when also using external memory?

Question asked by MMStheMenace on Feb 18, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2011 by MMA

I am very new to 8051/2 microcontrollers.

I have inherited a project that uses an ADuC842 microconverter and it is clear that the engineer had hoped to use ports P0 & P2 as control outputs whilst also being capable of accessing a 64kB external memory chip, which is of course accessed via ports P0 & P2, plus P3.6 (WR) and P3.7 (RD).

I have read various books and articles, my conclusion is that this is not possible. Could I have this confirmed by someone who is a regular user of these devices?