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ADV7441A CP 1080i

Question asked by Timur@Darim on Feb 16, 2011
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     I am using ADV7441A chip on my device and have encoutered a problem i can't seem to fix.

I am using ADV7441A with HDMI, Composite, Component signals. So far I have managed to get HDMI and Composite video to work correctly. Now i am working on component video and trying to get CP to work.


Here is the problem, when i have SD signal (YPbPr with SOY) coming through my component inputs i use SDP to decode the video and everytihng works good, but when i try sending HD signal (1080i) and it goes through CP i encouter number of problems.

For one, when i de-embed H,V,F signals from the stream i see synchronization but with completely wrong frequencies, for example when i have 1080i60 signal coming in, the resulting de-embeded V sync frequency is 320kHz (isntead of ~60kHz) and Field frequency is 160kHz (instead of 30 kHz). De-embeder works with HDMI and composite signals.


Here is few things i checked to figure out the problem,


Status 2 register 0x12 is 0x80, so TLLC is locked and chip is not running in free mode,

STDI registers 0xB1-0xB4 have correct line counts that correspond to 1080i, so the format is correct,

LLC coming out of the chip is at correct 74.25/1.001 MHz frequncy


Following are register settings i use to program ADV7441A,



42 03 0C ; Disable TOD
42 05 01 ; Prim_Mode =001b COMP
42 06 0C ; VID_STD=1100b for 1125 1x1
42 1D 40 ; Disable TRI_LLC
42 3C A8 ; SOG Sync level for atenuated sync, PLL Qpump to default
42 47 0A ; Enable Automatic PLL_Qpump and VCO Range
42 6B D1 ; Enable 656 mode, 16bit YPbPr
42 85 19 ; Turn off SSPD and force SOY.
42 BA A0 ; Enable HDMI and Analog in
I ran out of things to try so i was wondering if you have any idea how to fix it or maybe had the same problem i have.
Thank you.