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BF518 Ezboard. CODEC problems

Question asked by chagai on Feb 16, 2011
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A few questions related to the Audio_Loopback program for the BF-518f EZKIT  (VDSP 5 update 7)


1) Whats is the U32 type? if I receive some audio data from a CODEC that is stored in U32 type , can i use it as integer type? or is it a mistake?


2) When i try change the sampling rate of the codec (ssm2603) to 16KHz the entire sampling is ruined. why is this so?


     it works with :


    /* Sampling rate = 24kHz */
    ADI_SSM2603_SR_24000    = 24000U   --or higher frequencies. but when I try to use      ADI_SSM2603_SR_16000    = 16000U. It doesn't work.
I saw this note in the Audio_Loopback.h file:  (thought that's the problem)
** Note: While operating SSM2603 in Slave mode, make sure that
**       Blackfin SCLK is set to Multiples of ADC/DAC sampling rate
**       before activating the Audio Codec. Blackfin SPORT derives the
**       Bit Clock and Frame Sync from SCLK.
but I'm working with ssm2603 as master. so I think that's not the problem.


3) The last question  - (I have asked it before) - when trying to boot this program trying to work in stand alone mode, (only the Audio Loopback) from the on board external flash - it wont boot although it seems to be loaded succusfully to the flash. (i manage to load and to boot from the flash with other programs without any problem)