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Writing to DDR on BF548

Question asked by jacob on Feb 15, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2011 by jacob


I am using the BF 548 Ez kit board.


I want to write to a buffer on the DDR at Real time.

My RT samples come from the UART that is configed to work at 4Mbps ( and it is working - checked it).

My sclk is 120Mhz


I know that i will not find the problem at UART configurations or the RT SW, because my system can receive samples to a buffer on the DSP.

the problem begins when i set that buffer on the DDR memory.


my DDR configurations:


*pEBIU_RSTCTL |= 0x0001;

*pEBIU_AMGCTL = 0x0009;
*pEBIU_DDRCTL0 = 0x218A8411;
*pEBIU_DDRCTL1 = 0x20022222;
*pEBIU_DDRCTL2 = 0x00000021;




in all the examples, i couldn't find my problem.


What am i doing wrong?