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Error compiler in W7 x64

Question asked by bookevg on Feb 14, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2011 by CraigG

----------------Configuration: MCS - Debug----------------
"..\..\Source\Library\Modules\Timers\timers.cpp", line 25: cc0005:  fatal error:
could not open source file "str_glob.h"
#include <str_glob.h>


1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of "..\..\Source\Library\Modules\Timers\timers.cpp".
Compilation terminated.
cc3089: fatal error: Compilation failed
Tool failed with exit/exception code: 1.
Build was unsuccessful.



This error appear in Windows7 x64.

Same project is valid to compile in WinXP x86


If <str_glob.h> replace <stddef.h> the project would be compiled