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VDSP++ error with local variables and pm / dm arrays

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Feb 15, 2011
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If I said that I was having problems with VDSP++ displaying local variables at a breakpoint

inside a routine with dm and pm variables -- is this a known error


Routine( )

     float array1[ ] = { ......

     static pm float array2[ ] = {31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 etc}

     float array3[ ] = { ......



after intialization the pm array is appearing as


garbage,  32.0 correct float,  garbage,  34.0 correct float, garbage, 36 correct float, garbage,  correct float,


where the garbage looks like an integer values expressed as a float (1 * E-45 or something like that)


If this is not a known error, then I will investigate more, or else I will look for my LSD
(little stupid detail) than is destroying the code  :-)


Just realized could be a compiler error as the results of the calculation are weird too


Mike Smith