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FM stereo generator Bug with SigmaStudio 3.3

Question asked by Sinteck on Feb 12, 2011
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I need to create a FM stereo generator with adau1701, the application, a have of the BUG in SIGMADSP software.


With 19khz doubler of the frequency is 38khz.


1KHZ sine wave only L or only R  0dB in ADC


When the output is sent to the DAC, the sine wave frequency 38khz is ok, but
when we apply this signal in a multiplier with the L - R to generate the
modulated DSB-SC subcarrier, the signal is only half.


When the signal generator is applied directly to the multiplier with the 38khz
signal is perfect DSB-SC. When applied to the doubler with 19 kHz signal is
generated the problem.


My problem is of the phase with 38khz and 19khz.


Is there any way to divide the frequency of 38khz by 2??


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Fabio Moura