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bf537 stamp sport1 WAS connected, sorry!

Question asked by zissou on Feb 11, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2011 by PrasanthR

I still don't know why the meter read open on those lines. Working with embedded controllers

is somesimes a humbling experience. It was pilot error. I can say definitively that the gerbers

of the two boards I mentioned are not identical, however.








I have tried several of the black bf537 stamp. I have a card that plugs into both SPORT

connectors. It works on ezkit but only sport0 works on STAMP. With a meter I read

open circuit on pin 8 of sport1 (primary data input) . Also the high density connector is

open on that pin as well as the PPI (it is PG12) Any chance of seeing the gerbers for

this version of the ezkit which as far as I'v been able to determine is supposed to be

just a different board stuff?


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Hi, pin 8 on SPORT1 connector (PRIMARY RCV ) is open, as is frame

sync on my BF537 STAMP. My DSP card works fine on an ezkit but

not on a stamp and I realizd that the STAMP had open connections on

SPORT1. ????