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FFT and IFFT, Sound, Problem

Question asked by EliasK on Feb 10, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by S4y3f

Hello there,


I am using an EZ Lite kit with a SHARC ADSP21364 processor and I have been working on the "Block Based Talkthru" example to familiarize myself with the setup.


I am going to use this for some real-time audio processing and I am trying to do something very simple in order to check that everything is ok.


I am receiving input from the left channel of the ADC, I am performing an FFT and an IFFT on the input samples and then I am exporting them both to the left and the right channel. In the final loop when I use the array inR (which is the same as inL), everything works perfect (and I have my dual mono sound on the headphones), however when I write the output of the IFFT (outL) I get no sound! I have looked the code over and over again and probably I am missing something very obvious...So any help is appreciated!


Thank you for your time!


P.S: I am attaching the "blockProcess.c" which contains the processing routine.