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Is it possible to use only 3 SPORT pins to simulate a UART?

Question asked by Employee on Feb 10, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2011 by Paramedic

One of my board needs following pin configuration for BF512:

  1. PG4 as TMR5; work in PWM output mode
  2. PG3 as DR0PRI, PG5 as RFS0, PG7 as DT0PRI;  PG3+PG5+PG7 as simulated UART.
  3. PG8 as TMR6; work in PWM output mode
  4. PG6 as TMR0; work in PWM output mode

Seems there are limitations on BF51x pin MUX, what is the right configuration to use only DTPRI/DRPRI/RFS remained as SPORT function pins while save rest pins for other usage.