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MCLK driver for multiple AD9833

Question asked by Cowboy.Dan on Feb 10, 2011
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I have an application where there are multiple (12 in this case) AD9833 devices using the same MCLK source. The data sheet for my source (1mHz coscillator) says the output is good to 30pF, but at 3pF each (AD9833 datasheet Rev C, page 3, Input Capacitance CIN), I have 36pF load.

Is there a reccomended way to buffer or amplify the MCLK signal to drive all the DDS devices simultaneously?

The whole system is 5v and relatively slow signals (0.3Hz - 4kHz) are output from the AD9833. The outputs do not have to be in phase, but they do have to be as stable as a single device on the clock without a buffer/amplifier.