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a few ldr questions (BF537); contiki

Question asked by zissou on Feb 9, 2011
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I have an intel hex ldr file from a program that I know worked when I loaded it using the jtag into flash. I

don't have the jtag anymore but I have been able to get u-boot (recent version) going so I can tftp any

old file and put it where I want it. I am interested in using non-jtag tools to get this program onto a

board again. I notice that there seem to be two kinds of ldr files: ascii and binary, and that u-boot

doesn't understand the ascii variety, and from what I can see so far doesn't deal with the binary ldr

right either.


If I build a contiki application I can run it if I say 'dcache off' and then load the presumed ELF format

file with bootelf.


If I convert that file to a binary LDR file u-boot will barf if I try to use bootldr, even though I have looked

at the code and see that it is trying to read a binary LDR format file and whines if it is say, an Intel

hex LDR file like my old application I mentioned above.


If I study my old hex LDR and decode it manually, I see that it decodes to a continuous stream of bytes

with no segmentation starting at 0x00000000. I presume that if I burned that to location 0x20000000

on my BF537 that it would run, since it has no segment information. Of course that will blow away

my u-boot.


My questions:


Where can I find the binary LDR format explained?


What good is it since u-boot doesn't use it correctly and it's not clear how it can be started up except

perhaps through a serial link?


What I really want is to recreate my old app so that it autoloads out of u-boot, just like uClinux did before

I blew it away. How do I do that?


thanks for your time,