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ICE-100B issue under windows 7 64 bit

Question asked by NCully on Feb 9, 2011
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My colleague has an issue with ICE100B under windows 7 64 bit with VDSP update 8. We're been using it fine for several weeks but all of a sudden he could not connect to our target hardware and eventually we narrowed it down to the USB driver. It appears as Unknown device under Universal serial bus controllers. Opening properties shows something like 'Windows has stopped this device because it is not working properly'.


We tried reinstalling VDSP which didn't help. Tried playing around with registry settings (there are issues with USB devices in Windows 7 and need to delete some keys e.g. Upper/Lower Filters). I guess we deleted too many because windows wouldn't boot after that, so beware! Anyway it repaired itself and whatever it did next time ICE-100B was connected it displayed correctly under ADI development tools....untill it was unplugged then reinserted, then same story - Unknown device!


System restore didn't help. I couldn't figure out which driver to use to manually install the driver? Any ideas?


It seems it is similar to


Does version of ICE-100B or RoHs matter?