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AD9910 eval board

Question asked by mantow on Feb 9, 2011
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I recently started to use the AD9910 evaluation board in our lab and would like to seek some advice about its operation.


I am using the Digital Ramp Generator (DRG) mode to create a simple linear output frequency sweep from 200MHz to 400MHz with an input 1 GHz reference clock. I set both no-dwell bits from the GUI in order to invoke a continuous ramping operation. I would like to monitor the DROVER signal simultaneously with the DDS output. So I used a scope probe on pin 14 of the U5 header on the eval board. Unfortunately I do not see any signal from DROVER pin, the DDS output is okay. When I look in the Debug window of the GUI, the Digital Ramp Over flag does not seem to be toggling either. Might I have set something incorrectly?



Many thanks in advance for any tips.