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ADAU1761 data format and VU-Meter

Question asked by inventis on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by BrettG


I have a dubt in the signal conversion on the sigmadsp processor:


I'm trying to realize a VU meter with a scale -20 to +3dB with a time constant of 300ms.

As suggested I'm using a "Signal Envelope" with TC = 66 and Decay = 66

The input is a microphone, I send a sound that generate a saturation ... and I stop the sound... the "Signal envelope" take some seconds to

give a correct response.


I saw that with a hard clipper with the limits +/-1 the problem don't appear.


What is the A/D value for a DSP digital value 1.0 ?


What is the DSP value for a A/D full scale input?



I attached the sigmastudio test project