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accessing dsp memory

Question asked by xtietal on Feb 6, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2011 by PrasanthR

good day! i am an undergraduate student currently doing research on underwater wireless communication.

i am using the bf 537 ez kit lite dsp board for transmitting 16 bit of data converting it to sound to suit the

channel (underwater) . another bf537 kit will receive and demodulate the data (using fft). we have assigned a variable

located in these memory addresses 0xFF80 15B0 -  0xFF80 15B1 for the data received and verified it in the visual dsp++

environment. the problem is when we configure the kit as a stand alone device by creating and downloading a loader

file to the flash memory of the ez kit (based on the book: Embedded Signal Processing with the MSA).

we cannot verify the data we have received. is there a way that we could store what has been received so that we can access it

and verify using the visual dsp++ environment.