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ADF4350 Band Jump Jitter

Question asked by tiddings on Feb 5, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2011 by icollins

ADF4350 Question:

What about the cycle-to-cycle crossover jitter when the ADF4350 jumps bands?  The ADF4350 has a low jitter spec, presumably once it is stable in temperature and Power Supply voltage.  Nice.  However, I wonder about the occasional clock period hiccup when it jumps bands due to changing environmental temperature, or voltage, or whatever.  It is my understanding that the design minimizes that one-shot period jitter when it changes bands.  My question is this:  How much one-shot clock period error can I expect to see, worst case, when it jumps bands?  At 4 GHz, are we talking 30pS?  Less?  More?


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